Project Participants

The Kilkenny Archaeological Project team is made of of the following participants. See below for further details.

Principal Investigator

Cóilín Ó Drisceoil M.A., M.I.A.I.
Director Kilkenny Archaeology, archaeological consultants

John Bradley, M.A., F.S.A.
Senior Lecturer, Department of Modern History, National University of Ireland, Maynooth

Researchers and speciality:

Paul Stevens, M.A., M.I.A.I., riverine archaeology

Dr. Michael Potterton PhD, urban archaeology

Matthew Seaver MSc, M.I.A.I., D.I.T. Dundalk, Early Medieval settlement

Dr. Toby Barnard, Oxford University, the Early Modern town

Dr. Ingelise Stuijts, the Discovery Programme, environmental archaeology

Dr. Clare Mc Cutcheon PhD, M.I.A.I., medieval pottery

Database & GIS Researcher

Dr. Richard Jennings Phd, M.I.A.I (Kilkenny Archaeology)


Emma Devine (Kilkenny Archaeology)

Digital illustrator

Philip Kenny (Kilkenny Archaeology)

Collaborative Partnerships

Partnerships have been formulated between KKAP and the following –

  1. Kilkenny Local Authorities (Kilkenny Borough Council and Kilkenny County Council) who are providing digital Ordnance Survey mapping and aerial photographic coverage for the city.
  2. The Department of History National University of Ireland Maynooth are partners through John Bradley, senior lecturer in archaeology.
  3. The National Monuments Service of the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government have provided access to their reports archive and it is envisaged will be end-users of the Kilkenny Urban Archaeology database.
  4. The Kilkenny Archaeological Society have provided KKAP access to their archive and library at Rothe House, Kilkenny.
  5. Seventy-six individual archaeologists and 15 consultancy firms have provided consent to include their investigation reports in the KKAP.