Excavations at the Bishop’s Palace Robing Room Kilkenny

A second season of excavations have commenced at the Bishop’s Palace Robing Room. The site is between the thirteenth century cathedral of the Diocese of Ossory and the Bishop’s Palace (c.1360). Last year the excavations revealed rare evidence for part of a comb-maker’s workshop and this year the focus is on finding out more! The excavations are being funded by the Heritage Council and NUI Maynooth’s Kilkenny Campus who are using the excavation site for a summerschool in practical archaeology.  So far, one week into the dig, all of the archaeology has been related to eighteenth-nineteenth century landscaping but one find, a parchment pricker, could well have been used in the monastic scriptorium!http: The Heritage Council are running an ongoing video blog on the excavation: //www.facebook.com/TheHeritageCouncil