Major international conference on the O’Tunney sculptors for Kilkenny

The Living Tradition of Stone – Sculpture in Callan: The O’Tunneys, the men, the work and their times. 30 July – 1st August, the Friary, Mill Street, Callan.

An extraordinary flowering of sculptural and architectural stonecarving occurred in the period 1500-1650 in Kilkenny city and county. Callan was the base of the O’Tunney school of sculptors who, unusually, signed their work. Magnificent carving on many funeral monuments still speak to us today of the skill of Rory, William, Patrick and James O’Tunney and of the wealth and tastes of their patrons. A major conference to celebrate the O’Tunneys is being organised by the vibrant Callan Heritage Society and will be held 30th July – 1st August. To book your place see the attached programme¬†here.