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Kilkenny castle geophysics first results!

Preliminary results from the Heritage Council funded geophysical survey at Kilkenny castle are very promising. Kevin Barton’s radar survey in the main courtyard has recorded the two towers of William Marshal’s great gatehouse in the south range as well as the massive 8m deep moat that runs outside the gate. A number of structures within the […]

Geophysical survey underway at Kilkenny castle!

The Kilkenny Archaeological Project in conjunction with Earthsound Geophysics, Dan Tietzch-Tyler and Kilkenny Archaeology are carrying out a ground penetrating radar and resistance survey at Kilkenny castle. This exciting project, which is funded by the Heritage Council, is the first time a geophysical survey has been carried out at the castle. The key aim of the […]

KKAP animal bone dissertation

James Cahill of UCD has recently completed his undergraduate dissertation using KKAP data. James compared the animal bone assemblages from two excavations in Kilkenny, one of a potter’s yard at McDonagh station outside the town walls and the other in Irishtow. His results are very interesting and can be used as a baseline for further […]

New excavations on the Kilkenny City Walls at Talbot’s tower

Kilkenny Archaeology have been excavating at Talbot’s tower since the beginning of June. The excavations form part of the conservation plan for Kilkenny’s walls and are funded by Kilkenny Borough Council and the Irish Walled Towns Network. Thissecond season of archaeological work on the tower has concentrated on completing the excavations in the town ditch and also the investigation of […]