2008 Old Kilkenny Review published

The 2008 Old Kilkenny Review includes a number of papers relating to archaeology in Kilkenny city and county. Graeme Laidlaw  describes a burnt mound which was excavated prior to the construction work as part of the N9/N10 road scheme in Ballykeoghan townland in south County Kilkenny. The excavation identified two phases of burnt mound activity on the site, dating from the Early Bronze Age and Late Bronze Age respectively.  The later part of the site bears a remarkable resemblance to a site of similar date excavated in the nearby townland of Rathpatrick. The Rathpatrick site was interpreted as a sweathouse and Graeme argues, quite convincingly, that the Ballykeoghan site had a similar function. You can read more about the Rathpatrick site at: http://www.waterfordcity.ie/n25bypass/cleansing.htm


The Old Kilkenny Review also carries a preliminary overview of the Rothe House garden excavation project by Cóilín Ó Drisceoil. Roisín McQuillan describes how the project evolved and was executed.  


A fascinating paper by John McCarthy uses GIS to show how Coolhill towerhouse in south Co. Kilkenny functioned to defend a wide area as well as how it related to other castle in the vicinity.


Old Kilkenny Review is available for just €20 from ‘The Bookshop’, Kilkenny or from Rothe House, Parliament street.